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Barcode Ribbons


Thermal transfer ribbons are either coated side in (csi) or coated side out (cso). This is referring to the side of the ribbon that the ink sits on. The way to tell which side is coated is by unwinding the ribbon past the outer wrap. Once you reach the black ribbon, you will see that one side is shiny and one side has a more matte finish. The duller side is the side with the ink. This is the side that should face the labels when you put the thermal transfer ribbon on the ribbon spindle. Depending on the specific thermal transfer printer that you have, you will either use one or the other. The only difference between an ink-in ribbon and and ink-out ribbon is the direction that the thermal ribbon is wound.

Feature : Coated Side In

● Some printers require a CSI ribbon. Examples are Sato and Datamax printers.
● If your printer requires ribbon with coated side in, you will have to set up your ribbon similarly to the diagram on the right.

Coated Side Out

● Other printers require a CSO ribbon. Examples are Intermec printers, Zebra printers, and some Datamax printers.
● If your printer requires ribbon with coated side out, set up your ribbon like the diagram on the right.


Barcodes are used to track anything from retail products to patients to even military equipment. Selecting the proper media for the application can be confusing, due the variety of material, adhesive, and size options. While a paper label may work perfectly for a standard product label, it would perform poorly in an application where you are attempting to tag an asset such as a vehicle. A more rugged plastic label would be more suitable for such an application. Moreover, sometimes labels might not be the right choice for your solution, as in the case of tracking patients with wristbands.

With the wide range of media types and materials available, it can be a challenge to decide on the best fit for your application.The first step in finding the right media is to identify your specific need(s):

Feature :

● What are you tracking with barcodes? Products, people, equipment?
● How long will the label/tag/wristband be used?
● What kind of environment will the media be exposed to?
● What type of surface will the media attach to?


Designed for today’s high-speed printers, wax-resin ribbons provide an exceptional level of smudge and scratch resistance, while printing at speeds as high as 12 IPS. The level of print quality is also exceptional, especially for complex label formats – normal or rotated bar-coded, logos and graphics.

Feature :

● Enhanced wax resin ribbon.
● Different size which are applicable for most of the popular.
● High blackness wax resin ribbon.


Wax barcode thermal ribbons offer superior abrasion resistance and excellent print quality on normal and rotated barcodes on coated and uncoated papers. These barcode thermal ribbons have been developed for quality performance on a large range of printers. You can print on various types of paper ranging from plain to coated, producing high print quality at a high speed print.

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